Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment | Matthew P. Salvatore DMD and Associates - Syracuse, NY

Matthew P. Salvatore DMD and Associates is the place Syracuse, NY area residents go for a professional root canal treatment. Customers know we turn the traditionally negative experience into a pleasant and convenient one. That is not to be taken lightly.

As a trained and experienced root canal dentist, Matthew P Salvatore DMD knows how to gently, yet firmly, perform this most common form of dental surgery procedures. Statistics reveal that this oral surgery is done more than 14 million times annually.

You may come into our office with an unexplained toothache or swollen mouth. After a thorough examination, it may be revealed that you need a root canal extraction, root repair, or root removal. These advanced-level procedures can save your natural teeth. It may even help you avoid needing bridges or implants at a future date.

You will be amazed about how much you will learn about a root canal treatment from our trained expert. We regularly hear this from patients. Instead of presenting information in a terrorizing manner, the procedure will be described in a stimulating manner that sparks curiosity. There may even be some visual aids available. The entire experience will turn into one educational adventure you were completely unaware of. You are welcome!

Our staff is highly trained to notice signs of distress throughout any root canal treatment. There will always be patients who did not follow pre-operative guidelines, failed to eat a nourishing breakfast, or have a health concern that hinders the procedure. Be assured that the procedure will stop until you feel well enough for it to continue. We are in no rush. Your safety is our main concern.

Get on the correct path in the Syracuse, NY area by turning to Matthew P. Salvatore DMD and Associates for your root canal treatment.

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