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Endodontics is considered a specialized form of dentistry and requires advanced training, education and certification. Matthew P. Salvatore DMD and Associates meet all those requirements and more. Patients in the Syracuse, NY area have trusted our office for more than 20 years!

Endodontics is the technical term to describe your dental pulp, the innards of your teeth. It consists of your nerves, arteries and different tissues. Whenever any of these components become diseased or damaged, you need endodontic work done. One of the most common procedures is root canal work.

To optimize your endodontics appointment, be sure to arrive at our office in plenty of time. We recommend at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. All endodontic patients are scheduled. This makes running an efficient, respectful office easier for everyone involved.

Save time by gathering all your personal information and medical history records together. You will need it to fill out required paperwork. It is crucial that you provide us with this valuable information so we can customize your treatment program. This information is the foundation for any endodontic surgery you have in our office. The better prepared you are, the quicker you are in and out of our place. Doesn’tthat sound good?

Endodontics involves surgery. Any type of dental surgery is a traumatic experience for your body. You must prepare it. You can expect to receive a set of pre-operative procedures to follow before any dental oral surgery procedure. You are expected to follow these guidelines to assure overall success.

People in the Syracuse, NY area love turning to Matthew P. Salvatore DMD and Associates for all types of endodontics and he is an expert endodontist. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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