Dental Surgery

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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery | Matthew P. Salvatore DMD and Associates - Syracuse, NY

No one does dental surgery in the Syracuse, NY area than Matthew P. Salvatore DMD and Associates. We have a reputation throughout our local community for compassion, high quality and efficiency. How often do you hear people say they like going to their dentist? We hear it all the time!

We perform a number of dental surgery procedures to make life more comfortable and fulfilling. These include tooth extractions, or pulling teeth, and replantations. Our experts handle and repair broken teeth suffered from traumatic injuries. We provide dental surgery services for all age groups including children and elderly individuals. In fact, pediatric endodontic treatments are a common occurrence at our practice.

Dental surgery is different from having regular dental work. It involves some type of anesthetic, specialized equipment, procedures and training. All surgery types involve open communication. Our staff will obtain a thorough medical history prior to any dental surgery procedure. We need to know about any drug allergies, medication side effects and similar issues.

You may need to be on special antibiotics before starting any dental surgery procedure. This is currently true for total knee replacement patients or others having an artificial joint implant. Be sure to discuss this with our expert to be certain what is needed and required for safety purposes.

Dental surgery can put an end to your endless days and nights of dealing with unexplained pain. You may mistakenly believe that you have a toothache, but it can be a sign of a more serious disorder. Not taking care of it as soon as possible will only make it worse. We are here to help!

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